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We are providing all embassy attestation and apostille attestation for all kinds of document in a safe and secure and transparent manner. Our highly experienced team will assist you as in the best way possible. Some of the documents that we get attested are like Education certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, and commercial certificate etc…

MEA Attestation / Apostille

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation and Apostille documents must be submitted to one of the outsourced companies – Amir Tours and Travels have collection and delivery centre, along with copy of the Passport of the applicant and many more relevant documents We have is 05 Service Centers for the collection and delivery of documents on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), one in New Delhi and the other in various locations across India.

Procedure for MEA document Attestation

All original documents requiring Attestation or Apostille by the of External Affairs, New Delhi, are required to be initially verified/validated by the respected authorities/departments of the State Governments/Union Territory from where the documents were issued. MEA Attest documents only after the pertinent state authority has attested the particular document. MEA attestation is required for the use of the document or certificate within India and in foreign countries. The process of Attestation of certificates/ records documents from MEA is possible on all the Certificates/documents/records issued by Indian Authorities.

The procedure for the MEA attestation is as follows-
Step 1: Documents Authentication

Non-Educational Documents:

The documents (like birth or death certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, driving licenses, etc.) are required to be first attested by the State Home Department of the issuing State/Union Territory. The authentication must be done with the name and designation seal as well as the seal of the Department.

Educational Documents:

The documents should be first attested by the State Education Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory. The authentication must be done with the name and designation seal as well as the seal of the Department.

Commercial Documents:

The documents are to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chamber of Commerce before these can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce must be affixed on each document along with the name & designation of authorized signatory

Step 2: Attestation/Legalization of documents by MEA

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirms/legalizes the archived documents only after these have been authenticated with the signature and seal/stamp of the designated authorities of the State Government/Union Territory/Chambers of Commerce from where the documents have been issued. The MEA authorizes the certificate/documents on the basis of the signature of the designated authorities; henceforth does not take responsibility of the substance of the documents

HRD Attestation Services

HRD attestation is the process of legalizing educational documents with an official stamp and signature from the concerned state HRD department. It is a mandatory process in certificate attestation. HRD attestation is the verification of educational documents. In India, each concerned state HRDs does the attestation process for using the educational documents abroad. Even though the process of HRD attestation is the same, the rules are different in each state HRD.


The rules of HRD document verification and attestation process varies from each state. You have to do the educational certificate attestation from the state where you completed your education. If you are a resident of Kerala, but completed your studies from another state, then you have to do the degree attestation from that state’s HRD. In HRD attestation, the universities verify the documents first and only after that, the HRD attest the documents. HRD document attestation is done only for government approved (UGC/AICTE/NCERT) educational documents.

Need For HRD Attestation

HRD attestation process is compulsory while migrating to another country for higher studies or work. Educational certificate attestation is done to prove the authenticity of the certificates. HRD attestation is crucial for admission in foreign universities. While you apply for admission in foreign universities and schools, they need to know the authenticity of the educational certificates provided by you. So, you need to attest the certificates from the embassy of the migrating country located in your home country. Similarly, you need HRD attestation for getting employment opportunities in foreign countries. In some cases, you need to provide educational certificates for verification purposes.

Notary Attestation

Notary attestation is mandatory to prove the authenticity of the personal documents while travelling overseas. Notary attestation is done for personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney, legal heirship, affidavit, divorce certificate etc has to be attested for verification abroad. Attestation of personal documents are when you apply for residence visa, visa for your spouse, educational and employment purposes.


The main process involved in the attestation process are: Notary Attestation: Notary attestation is required for attesting personal documents. Notary attestation has to be done from Notary of the state where the document was issued. After the attestation, it has to be attested from the concerned state home departments

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