Air Tickets

Air Tickets Services

Amir Tours & Travels are providing 24*7 air ticket services as best to best prices and most competitive air fares, to fly throughout the all globe. Our fares are highly competitive, and thoroughly checked to provide our customers a hassle free travel.

Bus Tickets Services

Amir Tours & Travels is a best renowned brand in the bus ticket operating industry. Our main aims are to give a new face to the bus industry. We are providing ticket for added luxury buses .Our main aims we focus on is that the comfort quotient of our passengers should never be compromised. We have always trying our best to push our limits in order to develop our travel experience.

Insurance Policies Services

Amir Tours & Travels are providing insurance service for all type, like Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Property Insurance, Commercial Insurance, 6. Asset Insurance, Pet Insurance, Bite-Size Insurance
Accidents or losses of any kind, including death, are the formidable realities that come uninvited, without a knock on the door, and turn our lives upside down. While there is absolutely nothing that we can do to stop these uncertainties, we can certainly make our lives shockproof.
Insurance is a tool that provides us with much-needed protection from uncertainties. Now, selecting the correct type of insurance with the right amount is one prudent decision we need to make to safeguard our assets or financial stability.

  • 1. Health Insurance
  • 2. Motor Insurance
  • 3. Travel Insurance
  • 4. Property Insurance
  • 5. Commercial Insurance
  • 6. Asset Insurance
  • 7. Pet Insurance

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